One pair at a time, remember? So, today I’m here with pair #2. I decided to share one pair at a time not just because there are too many beautiful and inspiring pictures from each pair process, but also because each pair holds something new that I’ve learned about socks knitting. Each pair has it’s own story.It was right after I started my first pair that I ordered yarn for the second pair. I ordered the Stylecraft Head Over Heels in colour Olympus. Actually I ordered two of them. One for me and one for a friend. Following Christine’s instructions I started by looking for the repeat and divided it into two 50 gr balls, using my wool winder. It wasn’t that easy to find the repeat though. This yarn holds a huge repeat. It took me ages. Even after I thought I have it and started knitting, I found out that it is still not a perfect match. So, a bit of a frustration was marked here. On the other hand, comparing to my first sock yarn, this wool was much softer and I was very pleased with that.I’ve cast on using these DPN’s and moved onto my Addi short circular needle, and….. the Fun Began. 16 rib rows were made while I was waiting at the line for the doctor and guess what, I was really disappointed when it was my turn to go in. I wanted just more time for my knitting…..I was back home earlier than what originally planned, so I just continued knitting. It still felt more comfortable for me to knit while Christine’s book Super Sock is opened closed by.  Just like I did on my first pair, I started to work on the second sock right after the Rib and Leg parts were done. As I explained on my previous post, it felt much more relaxing for me to work on both socks in parallel. In this case, with this specific yarn, I wanted to be sure that I’m getting the same stripes repeat on both legs, but it wasn’t just that. It felt right to work on both of them together at this point. And no, I don’t like the big circular needles with both sock made at a time. I love the small circular method – this is so much me. The compact feel of the small circular needles in my hands is so delightful. This is a perfect match for me. In the Super Sock book ,Christine shows all options with different needles and her pattern is very easy to follow no matter what kind of needles you choose to work with. She shows details with each of the needles options. In her book you can find a whole section where she explains all about the different needles alternatives. In any case while working the heel and the heel turn you’ll have to change to DPN’s (double pointed needles), like does shown in the above picture. Shaping the gusset felt a little more comfortable on the second pair but still a long way to go till I feel I have it. The Pick Up sts were quite easy and I haven’t even used my crochet hook this time. Anyway I was very very proud about ‘closing the hole’ here. It took a few trials but I ended up very happy. The thing with knitting unlike crochet is that if you make a mistake you have 60 sts on the hook, while in crochet you only have 1 sts on hook. So, to go backwards in crochet is not fun but not such a hard work as with knitting. Do you think the same or do you have your own little secret about going backwards that you want to share?
The camera just loves hand knitting socks process. There were so many times during the work where I stopped looking and enjoy my wooly knitting progress. Just like the camera I love to look at my working surrounding. On the above picture I have reached the point where I’m ready for the Kitchener st to close my first sock. I was very happy with the fact that as I knit my knitting becomes better. Just before I started working on the Tow decreases, I received a package with these red Zing DPN’s which are very comfortable to work with. Working on these hand knitted socks opened a whole new world of pretty needles to me and I just love pretty needles. So, goes without saying, I already have my little colourful collection of needles and knitting accessories.This is it, my #2 pair of hand knitted socks is here. You can see the reapeat is not perfectly perfect but still these are mine and I knitted them and I’m happy.  I have this funny little thingy… I love to weight each sock when I finish knitting it. I know…. I already saw some strange faces when I mentioned it in my knitting group. Yes I weight each sock when it’s done. Well on my first 2 pairs each sock came out a little more that 30 gr’. I think my knitting is still a little tight here. You can see I was ready for my next sock WIP, right after finishing my second pair.So here are my first 2 pairs of hand knitted socks. Made by me, following a very easy to follow pattern by Christine Perry, Super Sock.Do these feet look proud? Yes, they do. Proud me as well. I’m wearing my own hand knitted socks. You cannot even imagine how hot the weather was here when these were off the needles. But who cares. I knit socks and the winter will soon come with its cold days, and I’m ready for it. That is all for today. I love writing down my sock knitting journey. Hope you enjoy it too. if by any chance you feel like holding this little knitting project in your hands, here are some useful links you’ll need.

Winwick Mum sockalong

Super Sock book by Christine Perry

Sock Yarn

The needed Needles:
DPN’s 2.5 mm these or these
Short circular needls: these or these

Row counter

Stitch Markers

Tapestry needle

If you have any question about anything in my sock knitting experience please leave a comment and I’ll be more then happy to help you with any information needed.

My sock knitting journey is written One-Pair-At-A-Time: Pair #1 is here.

See you soon with more socks stories. xoxMo