Hello bunny lovers, I’m here with some delicious bunny news for you today. THANK YOU so much for trying my Angie patterns. Thank you for all your nice comments, e mails and shop reviews on these patterns. It is extremely exciting that so many people from all over crocheting my Angie bunny patterns. Makes us a small village, a small crochet village. I AM SO VERY HAPPY!!!7901First on the bunny news: The BABY BUNNY pattern is finally at the shop now !!! YAY !!! It’s a step by step amigurumi crochet pattern. Deliciously made. Very easy to follow, full with so many close up pictures and picture tutorials. Check it out, I’m so sure you’ll love it too. 7884As you can see on the above picture, These are the ears I have included in the baby pattern. Same as Angie’s ears. The other version will be written here as a FREE pattern soon. You helped me get this ear decision, thank you so much. You’ll have the above ears on the baby pattern and the other ear option will come as a FREE tutorial here on my blog, sooooooon.387930I plan to add some baby clothing  as well. This tiny pretty in pink dress, will be a FREE pattern, here on my blog soon. I will also add the baby Pale Blue Jumper pattern on my Etsy shop. So, there’s a lot to wait for and a lot of work for me, but guess what? I love this work I have on my ‘to do’ list. Can’t wait making all these patterns.
For those of you, who can’t stand this cuteness and would like to give it a try, here is some important information on the Baby bunny pattern.

This is a step by step amigurumi pattern. You have to be familiar with the basic stitches of crochet.
If you have experienced crochet in the past it will be good for you. It wouldn’t fit you if this is the first crochet project you do.
The pattern is written in US crochet terms, each step is explained into the details along with close up pictures – to make it easy for you to follow.7850WHAT DO YOU NEED
Yarn: GrannyKit cotton colour Sand
Crochet hook: 1.75 mm.
If you feel it’s too hard for you to work with the 1.75mm, change to 2mm or MAX 2.25mm
A pair of crafty scissors
Tapestry needle & stitch markers
The baby bunny pattern7923DOLL SIZE
Using a Granny Kit cotton yarn & a 1.75mm hook – your baby bunny will be about 12 cm, which is aproxx. 4.7 inches long – from the top of the ear to the bottom of the leg.7902See how small it is? I thought to try and add some scented Lavender into the acrylic stuffing material. I’m gonna try that with my next baby bunny. You’ll love making the baby bunny and Your Angie will be very happy to have a little baby next to her. IMG-20160103-WA0001Each of my 3 Minions/kids has it’s own baby bunny and they love to hug it under the blanket when they go to bed. This baby bunny is too sweet. 4More on the bunny news today: Together with the new baby pattern I’ve launched a new shop banner, kind of a new ‘front desk’ to my Etsy shop. At the same days I was working on the baby pattern, Etsy made some visual changes and I could add this banner now at the top of the front page – part of the new shop look. So I’ve decided to put bunnies on my virtual shop front desk 🙂 hope you like it. Well, I had it on my camera, ready to use and I just like the way it looks. That’s how my front page will look now. I really like it. I think it shows very nice the Granny Kit cotton colours together with the way it appears on a finished project. 3The last one on the bunny news: I plan to meet you here again in few days, for a little workshop, where I will teach the free ears version for the baby bunny, like the ears you see on the baby at the left of the above pictur. So, make sure you make one baby bunny as in this pattern and one baby bunny without ears and come to have this “bunny ears workshop” with me.7928a On my next blog post, I’ll put a step by step tutorial for the open ears, so you have both ears versions for your baby bunnies. Go make your baby bunnies and get ready for our next meeting here in few days, …. xoxMo