The days are flying so fast. I have so much work at my desk and so little time. My days are full with lots of things need to get done around the house, kids, kitchen and I can hardly manage with it all. I feel like my morning hours are flying through uncontrolled, so fast and before I even sit down to work, kids are back from school and I have to prepare some food and make sure all homework’s are done and then later, driving them to their afternoon school, football games, violin, horse riding, judo, meeting friends, than again food and …… and….. and….. never ending work for me + this sms from E “I’m late”. But HEYYYY, After all, I’m here and not just that, I’ve also found the time to sit and write down the first bunny dress pattern. Which,,,,, of all my to do list was the thing I wanted to do most.desk So I built this ‘pattern writing set’ here on our kitchen table, next to the window, and finally did it. My first pattern for Angie Bunny clothing. The Turtleneck Striped Dress. It’s kind of H&M style dress, I think, anyway I love this dress and thought you would love to dress up your first Angie Bunny with this cuty bunny fashion look. 2b13bWhen I first made it I wanted to create a naive striped dress, but I didn’t know it’ll end up as a turtleneck dress, really, it just happened, put the blame on my hook… When I finished it I showed it to M, our eldest and she said it’s an H&M dress 🙂
7bAbout the pattern:
Writing a step by step pattern can take days. Along with the camera shootings and the limited hours of ‘good shooting light’ + the step by step crocheting and writing. As I alway do with my patterns, I check them million times. First, I always write it down while crocheting. I take few photos for each step made. Of course, my recipe notebook is very very close to me, at this point, as it’s all written there (all the little making secrets). After the pattern is written and all pictures are placed correctly, I crochet it all over again, from the start. I check every step on my written pattern again, to make sure everything is clear and no mistakes are done. At the end of this long process, just before I close my PDF file, E reads my English and make corrections if needed. 3bSo now the first Angie Bunny dress pattern is at the shop, finally. It’s an English written pattern, very easy to follow, written with US crochet terms, followed by many close up pictures for each and every step + few tips are included. You can find it here.8bLevel:
Lets talk level now. Well, yes you have to be familiar with crochet basic sts, If you have experienced crochet in the past it will be good for you, though I have to add an  important note here, this is NOT an easy pattern. This turtleneck dress is kind of a miniature work, miniature detailed crochet creation (I love miniature creations btw). You should know that before you start. This pattern wouldn’t fit you if this is your first crochet project. Please be aware of it!!!
6bDSC_7124What do you need:
Yarn: GrannyKit Cotton: 1 ball of Lace, 1 ball of Navy/ Red/ any colour you choose. find them here.
Crochet hook size: 2.5mm
A pair of crafty scissors
Tapestry needle & stitch markersDSC_6885I know some of you have finished crochet Angie Bunny and I know you’ve been waiting for a nice pattern to dress her up. This turtleneck striped dress is going to fit her perfectly and make her a chici fashionable Angie Bunny. Thank you for your patient, I really appreciate it. 11b1bMy plan is to sit and write down the pattern for these adorable Nordic Boots, in the next few days. It will be a FREE crochet pattern, HERE at my little blog corner. Don’t worry your bunny won’t get cold feet in these cold days. We are taking bunny clothing very seriously here. So, When you’re busy crocheting this chici Turtleneck striped dress, I’m going to write down these nordic shoes to complete her fashionable look. More pretty bunny clothing patterns will be soon ready for you, both here and on my Etsy shop. Thank you for stoping by, see you soon xoxMo.