Bunny crochet patternCrochet Bunny family Crochet bunnyCrochet BunnyCrochet bunnyThe last 2 – 3 weeks were intensively full with this crochet patterns bunny joy, very very intensive. Just couldn’t stop doing more and more of these bunnies and then play the fashion designer and dress them up with this naive colourful chic. Hope this joy shines trough the pictures though. I’m not just talking about the joy you get when you see the results but the joy of the making. I enjoy each and every step on this ‘bunny make’ process and I have a strong feeling that it is not going to stop any time soon.Crochet pattern bunny familyBaby crochet bunny patternNot just that I can’t stop making them, I’ve also started making baby bunnies. Adding a baby bunny crochet patterns was the natural next step…. :))). My work is usually very intuitive.  ~ ~ ~ letting my hands lead me ~ ~ ~  The hard part though was to remember to stop and write down each of my steps and not to get carried away. I knew, from a certain point, that I would write down some crochet patterns. So I had to write everything I do or undo. I have this lovely notebook, my recipes sketch book – always right next to me, to carry all my crochet thoughts.Crochet bunniesThe plan was to post everything in my  bunny box process, about a week ago. But life like life – they had other plans. Minion3 spent all the last week at home with me, feeling under the weather and after a few days of taking care of him + ‘slowly’ writing down my Angie bunny pattern, guess what??? I joined him and couldn’t get out of bed for more than 5 minutes till yesterday actually.1615Every time one of my Minions is not feeling very well, I take my computer out of the studio and place it in our kitchen table so I can keep on my working progress, while at the same time taking an eye open at my little one. I am so thankful for being a working at home mom. The multi tasking is often quite demanding here, but I prefer enjoying the positive side of it.IMG-20160103-WA0001The first part of the week went quite well actually, as I was able to make a huge progress, writing down my step by step crochet patterns and taking many photos of the Angie bunny making. We were both pretty happy being home together and were even enjoying the slow mornings in our pijamas, drinking hot tea, sleeping on the couch together, hugging a bunny.21He asked if I can make him a baby boy. The first baby I made is “cute but it’s a girl…” :). So I made one baby boy for him. Still have to dress him up. 19These 2 bunnies I made while writing the pattern are now waiting for their outfits. I made a very nice progress on the bunny pattern and after a few days I just had it done + somehow, I managed to put the new Angie crochet pattern on my Etsy shop!!!26The second part of the week was quite different though. I started feeling a little strange around the middle of the day. I was so slow and I started to feel my head and hands heavy. I just had to leave everything as is and take myself right into bed. I was so happy that the crochet pattern is ready on the shop, as I knew at this point that I won’t be able to make much more than that now. And then came the part where this flu took over my body. Gosh this is not a joke!!22 25My beloved family took a real good care of me and made everything they thought will help, as well as all these house+kids works that are usually done by me. As my doctor recommended, I had some inhalations sessions, which helped a lot. With tones of tea cups + soup that my mom made for me I spent most of my days in bed and slept for hours. It took me almost a week to step out and come visit our balcony garden, enjoy these new flowers we’ve just planted. An hour of sitting in our sunny garden, absorbing the sun rays, made me feel soooooooooo good. I believe this was the first step back to normal, not the usual energized yet, but on the right track. 2  pdfSo, now that Minion3 is playing football again and I’m slowly starting to recover, what can I tell you about this lovely Angie pattern? First that I called her Angie, just because she is a little angel. Ohh, you will love making it. It’s a step by step pattern, very easy to follow, with many close up pictures along the written words. I am really very excited about it, as I find it one of the most beautifully made patterns I’ve ever made, highly detailed in explanations, with many beautiful close up pictures, deliciously made.

If you crochet your Angie bunny with a 2.25mm, tightly, as recommended on my instructions, than 1 ball of Granny Kit cotton, colour Sand, will make 2 bunnies.12Now the plan is to add the outfits patterns to the shop really soon. There are 2 workshops coming soon but I plan to write down the first outfit, step by step pattern, right after them. One of the clothes will be a free pattern, here at my little blog corner, so no worries, your Angie bunny will not stay cold for long.

My next blog post will come in few days, as I promised few of you to put here some colourful pictures for my Bloom blanket. Hope it will help you with your colour layout, for your Bloom blankets. Thanks for coming, See you soon, xoxMo.