Hello lovelies,
I just uploaded a new CrochetObjet knitting episode to my YouTube channel. In my new episode I share recent FO’s (final objects) as well as some WIP’s (works in progress) including all the relevant information regarding yarns, hooks and needles I use in each of the projects. I also share a short glimpse on two new patterns that I’ve been working on and hope to add to my Etsy shop soon. If you like these up coming patterns and would like to test knit / crochet any of them please send me an email to: momalron@crochetobjet.com A new CrochetObjet knitting episodeIt’s a chatty episode and I took the time to share my thoughts about a current scrappy project as well as future potential projects. I share a ‘new to me’ yarn that I consider using for one of my next cast ons.

At the end of the video I share what I’ve been reading lately and provide a sneak peek into my everyday wind-down routine. So, grab your cup of coffee or tea, you crafty project and come join me in my new episode.

Recording episodes like this one is still a new adventure for me. I appreciate you for sticking around and being a part of this journey. I’m very thankful for having you with me on my different adventures here on my CrochetObjet activities. I hope you’ll find enjoyment and inspiration as we meet in my studio for a stitch chat. Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions—I love hearing from you. I love reading your comments. It’s a great opportunity for me to get your views and answer your questions. I hope to be soon back to my regular blogging routine. But until then please come join me in my new CrochetObjet knitting episode. Thank you so much for watching, xxMo