Welcome to a new CrochetObjet knitting pattern introduction. The Chestnut socks pattern is now available with an introductory 20% off for the entire weekend. This pattern has been in the making since last June and was a blissful design process. Designing a new pattern is on my top favorite list. I enjoy getting lost in the creative journey and this journey takes time. Publishing a new pattern is such an exciting moment for me. Maybe because it gets done in between teaching, running an Etsy shop, shooting for a YouTube channel, social and writing my blog corner. I try constantly to squeeze in some more ‘pattern writing time’ into my schedule. So yes I’m very excited to tell you about my new Chestnut sock pattern today. This is the second sock pattern that I have published so far and will be joining the Cosy Weekend socks.

sock knitterIf you’ve been here for a while you know how I love sock knitting and so do my beloved weekly girls. We always have at least one sock project on the go, almost each of us. I consider myself an advocate sock knitter and an obsessed sock knitting teacher. Plus, and take my advice here, it’s THE most perfect knitting project to travel with.

The Chestnut socks patternYou might remember this picture I posted, while waiting for our flight to Rome, last June. I had this beautiful La Bien Aimee sock wool which I planned to knit a basic plain pair of socks with and eventually ended up with a new pattern. Sock knitting is a great traveling project because it’s small and portable and doesn’t require too much brain space.

The Chestnut sock pattern was designed during a morning coffee routine we had on our trip.
The Chestnut socks patternYou know when you have a little routine created during travel days? What a bliss. So on our days in Rome we had a lovely morning coffee routine. Our hotel room was right up the Thirsty Man monument in the Piazza Barberini, where I enjoyed my morning knitting time EVERY single day. The perfect rhythm of just knit knit knit in the round zipping coffee and cheating with E, Every morning before heading out for the day with our beloved family.

When I was just about to start the heel flap I realised how I love the wrong side of the stitches. I was so hooked with the softness of those purl bumps and just couldn’t stand having them hidden inside. So I decided to go on a trial and error journey, even though I was originally planning to knit plain vanilla socks.

sock patternThe garter section took my heart away and I finished and blocked the new pair of socks when we were back home. A few days after we were back I finally finished writing down the pattern and blocked my new socks.
The moment I put them on my legs for the photo shoot I felt they are just too short for me and that I prefer to have the garter top section longer for more of this softness. Plus the colourway looked a little harsh now and I felt it misses the look and feel I was aiming for so I decided to reknit it all over again. Sounds crazy but yes.

the Chestnut sock patternIt took me a few weeks to decide on the wool but eventually I ordered this Madelinetosh Twist Light sock wool in this dreamy Afternoon Nap colour, from Loop London. At this point we were deep into planing our family trip to the US so I thought it might be a good idea to take it with me as one of my travel projects. I was happy to test knit my own pattern and so I cast-on during the flight from NYC to Vegas. the Chestnut sock patternThe Chestnut sock pattern is such an easy knit and provides hours of relaxing knitting. Here I sit next to E in our awesome car. Driving in the endless landscapes from Vegas towards the national parks area. Car knitting is so SO calming and gets me right into my happy inner place. Knitting is meditating and my US car knitting took it to the next level.

The Chestnut socks pattern

On our way out of the Zion national park I was just about to start the toe. I tried my almost sock on and it felt SO soft. The Chestnut socks patternIt felt just perfect against the skin and I was happy about my decision to reknit it. I think the longer version style is much much better and with this wool. I LOVE IT!

The Chestnut socks pattern

I absolutely enjoy car life while traveling, actually all five of us love and appreciate it. We all love family time in the car while driving in the gorgeous landscapes. But at the same time we appreciate having quiet time, each with his own thoughts, music, book, naps… I took this picture on our loOOOOng drive to Yosemite park. We were almost two days on the road where I could enjoy hours upon hours of car knitting. You can see I’m in my happy place, can you?

The Chestnut socks patternWe arrived at Yosemite national park through the amazing Tioga pass and at this point my re knitted Chestnut socks were DONE! And so my re-visited written pattern. I was taking notes while reknitting so that I can update the length of the leg on the original pattern.

The Chestnut socks patternIt took quite a few weeks after we came back till I edited the pattern, blocked my new Chestnut socks and had them ready for photo shoots. Last Tuesday I took them out of these pretty handmade sock blockers and took some photos on our balcony garden. Lay back and enjoy…The Chestnut socks patternAnd Ta Da! The new Chestnut socks! They are so SO soft and just as I imagined them when I decided to go on a re knit. I am so in love with them.The Chestnut socks pattern

Yesterday I finally added the Chestnut sock pattern to my Etsy shop and added a special introductory 20% off. This will be available till November 21st Monday midnight Jerusalem time.

The Chestnut socks patternThis pattern is an easy breezy sock pattern and if you know how to knit and purl you can easily knit a pair of the Chestnut sock. I also included a few video tutorials to help you along and I plan on creating another video soon. the Chestnut socksThe Chestnut socks patternYou will find all the technical information and a lot more details on the description box of this pattern on my Etsy shop.

The Chestnut socks patternI needed this pair in my life and I wear them every single day from the moment they were on my legs for the photos. I just can’t get enough of this softness. The weather here gets colder and I wore them for my morning meditation today. They are still keeping my feet cosy while writing this blog. Hope you like them as much as I do and I hope you’ll knit yourself a pair as well. Enjoy the special introductory 20%. This offer will be available for the entire weekend. Can’t wait to get you and my weekly girls started and see all the new Chestnut socks on the making. Thank you so much for reading today’s post till the end. It was definitely a long one. I greatly appreciate you for staying here with me, xxMo