September is here. Kids and teens are back to school and we are about to start some ‘normal’ routine. Even if it is just for a few weeks until the upcoming Jewish holidays. As much as I had enough of the summer​ days, with kids getting up SO late​, it’s not easy to get back into the swing of things related to school days. On the other hand it’s so nice to see their faces out of bed in the morning and to enjoy some home alone hours, if you know what I mean. I think when you have grown up kids, things look a bit different. We have only the two boys in school now. Minion #2 started high school this year and Minion #3 started mid/ junior high school. They both were very excited yesterday morning.

In one way or another September is here and there’s a slight change in the weather that we can feel especially on our evening walks. It’s just a slight change in the evening air though it is still very hot and humid during the day.

september is here

This week I was so lucky to enjoy two sunset beach walks, during weekdays. I can’t believe I actually made it. On Monday afternoon I just hopped on a bus and went down not far from the beach, where I met Maya, our eldest 21 YO. We had a lovely barefoot beach walk together. E works near by the beach so he could join us when he finished his work that day.

September is hereOn Wednesday morning I spent a few very productive hours in the studio and decided to go to the beach right after lunch. I have late lunch which is my first meal everyday (sometimes my only meal, but lets leave it for another post). So, after a short power nap on the living-room sofa, I went on a bus and 35 minutes later took my sandals off and started my barefoot walk on the beach.

It was the day before kids were back to school. The beach was busy with so many people swimming and having fun in the sea. I spent 90 minutes barefoot walking in the sunset, enjoying each and every breath and step. It was SO good. I needed it! I really really needed it. When I was washing the sand out of my legs to put my sandals back on, E was ready to come and pick me up. On our way back home I could still feel the saltiness in my breath calming me down.

September is hereIt’s been a while since I first came across this video where I got to learn about the whole grounding thing. Now it’s so clear to me that these barefoot beach walks are much more than just a simple pleasure. On each of these walks I can feel like both my body and soul get fully recharged. Usually I get to enjoy a great deep sleep on the night after a beach walk and so many other ‘feel good’ physically and mentally.

September is hereSeptember is here

This week Monday girls actually met on Tuesday then on the same evening I hosted our weekly Knit Nite. Both were just delicious as always. Here’s more of the Rafia obsession that I was telling you about.September is hereAnd this is me modeling a new bag that one of the sweet knit night girls knitted. We designed it together as she knitted and attached leather strap with snaps. This morning I’ll teach a Friday workshop. For a few of the girls it’ll be the first CrochetObjet workshop and I’m very excited to meet new faces.

A happy package arrived just as I write these words. We ordered more of the French Tote kits from PetiteKnit for some new Como Bags that are in the work here. These kits are so lovely to work with, can’t wait to see them used on the new Como bags.

September is here and I am so happy to share that I still enjoy a fresh huge salad EVERY day. I love preparing it as much as I enjoy eating it and thankfully so do my husband and kids. All those leafy greens are making me ridiculously happy and taste just SUPER delicious.  clean eatingI just recently discovered a local farmer that grows sprouts of all kinds and placed an order from him. All types of sprouts arrived on a growth medium. The guy was so kind to explain to me how and when to cut them straight onto our salad bowl. If you follow me on IG you probably know already that I can hardly stop myself from sharing my fresh salad almost everyday, but I kept yesterday’s bowl (the one on the right) to share with you here.

Since I met Monday girls on Tuesday, I had a few “free” morning hours where I could upload a new video to my YouTube channel. During the previous week I shot and edited a new video tutorial where I teach how to crochet the base part on the Nina bag pattern. So, if you plan on making this lovely project, you can enjoy a FREE lesson with me whenever you’re ready. Please watch my video till the end. It can help me a lot. Leave me a comment and let me know if you find it helpful. I would love to know what more videos you would like to see from me. Thank you, xxMo