Sales week usually means long packing days, a nice amount of hard work, and me juggling around with a happy song inside my heart. The fact that I do what I love and others want to do the same, is a miracle to me. An absolute miracle.

I will never forget the first time an Etsy customer wrote to me: why don’t you provide the color layout in your blanket pattern? She was ​​referring ​(disappointedly) ​to the Bloom Blanket. ​​​would ​never​ imagine that someone wants to do the exact same color layout as in my original blanket. A sales weekI was honestly thinking that my blanket design is more of an inspiration and that if you ​followed the pattern then you would like to work your own color choices with ​any yarn you like. It was the first time I realized that I need to offer yarn packs/ kits in my Etsy shop and ​that I have to ​provide a color table with the exact same layout I created, with each of my patterns.

sales weekEvery time I offer a sale on my Etsy shop it makes me understand how powerful ​a true passion is​That if you are passionate about what you do and you keep on doing the thing that brings you joy, chances are it can turn into your dream job. I love my job, every part of it.A sales weekThis week along with 3 knitting and crochet groups I spent most of my days packing your orders. And I can’t even tell you how grateful I am. I LOVE every kit I pack and I hope you will enjoy it when it arrives as much as I do. Thank you SO much for each and every one of your orders. Pattern or Kit or a cotton yarn pack. It means the world to me and I truly appreciate it.

At the moment I write this blog, there are just a few more kits left in stock and the 20% Off sale is still available till July 25th midnight Jerusalem time. I hope you will enjoy my Bday sale, on both my patterns and colorful yarn packs.A sales week Please note that if you want to change a colour or a few colors in a pack, all you need to do is just contact me via Etsy convo. Let me know what colours you want to change and I will check availability for you. If the colors you want are in stock I’ll be more than happy to replace them for you. Or make you a special listing if needed.

Usually during a sales week I try to keep the rest of my chores in low gear. This week I had 3 knitting and crochet groups booked so I prepared everything I could in advance. I learned from previous sales that it’s very important to set a time when I leave the studio every day. Because I can easily find myself packing orders till late evening and get totally exhausted for the rest of the evening. Which I don’t like.sales weekSo this time I was packing till 5 pm every day except for Tuesday when I had a morning group and a Knit night. My knitting groups kept it all in balance and allowed me to set my attention out of the massive packing.

I also set myself a time for knitting every day. Starting with my morning coffee as the first session, helps me keep calm. Sales weekAnd on most days I also had some knitting / crochet time on the evenings. So all in all I made some progress on my Cumulus Tee, even on a week of sale. I use the pure Silk from Knitting for Olive with a 2.75 mm needle so it’s a fine work and it goes pretty slowly.

Even Though I had quite a busy week I prepared a Green juice for E and myself every day AND kept my clean eating on the good side for the entire week! I believe it provided my body with good levels of energy to keep going through those intense working days. My body thanks me for keeping the low carb clean eating life style. I can’t believe I’m doing that for so long, who am I???A sales weekSo as you can see this sales week was more on the balanced side. Things that you learn during years of managing a small home business. Owned by a woman who loves all the little home making things in this case.

We don’t have any special plans for the weekend. Actually we plan on a slow weekend with some decent time for knitting while still in pajamas. A sales weekSunday will be a packing morning again and then Sale ends on Monday midnight, which is also the end of our birthdays festival. I’ll be packing the last orders on Wednesday. By the time I finish all the packing, it will already be the end of July. OMGosh. All your orders will be packed and shipped by the end of next week. Can’t wait to have you getting your packages and getting started with your CrochetObjet projects. Thank you SO much for supporting my creative journey. If you haven’t already done so, you still have time to enjoy my 20% Off Bday sale. xxMo