Yesterday on my morning walk I found myself reflecting back at the past week. There has been so much going on that I can hardly get it all processed in my busy head. So I thought why not share it here with you to get a better picture of it, as if my blog is my ‘morning pages’. So, Welcome to a week in the life of a maker, designer, teacher, mom, wife, sister and a ‘very tidy house’ lover!
morning walkEvery morning whenever I have a chance I’ll grab a morning walk in our local park, about a 10 minute drive from our home. It gives me all the peace and quiet that I need. It’s one of my top favorite activities of the week. And of course I will only step out the door after my home is completely tidy up and at least one laundry cycle is completed.

A Week In The Life


On the days I can’t visit the park though, I will usually go for an evening walk with Eyal in our neighbourhood park. This is by itself something to be thankful for because it gives us both some time to share our day with just the 2 of us. I usually do the talking ๐Ÿ™‚ Just kidding, he also talks and tells me about his day. We love to share new ideas with each other. The walk is mostly in the dark hours and I come home really exhausted.A Week In The Life

A week in the life of a teacher

I love teaching! Monday’s group has been here with me ever since I started teaching. Actually, some of the ladies there are the ones who made me start up my weekly clubs. I am very thankful for that! We have so many different projects on the table every week and this week one of the ladies tested my new Chamomile & Sage pattern for me, before it โ€‹is going to beย sent to the Winter Bloom virtual retreat participants. Can’t tell you how excited I am for this event. It will be held Dec 11-12. An event hosted by lovely Paola at mYak. Checkout their website for more details.

Every Tuesday evening I host a knit night club which is, if to be honest, not something I believed I would do, because I’m not so much an evening creature, I’m more of a morning person. BUT our KNITNITE club is so lovely and is actually one of the most wonderful evenings of my week. If you were passing by on Tuesdays evening you would probably hear us laughing out so loud. We have so much fun and there is a wide variety of projects on the table every week. Oh God thank you SO much for sending these special souls my way. Btw, I share pictures of all my weekly clubs on Facebook and Instagram every week. Please come follow me there if you haven’t already.

A week in the life of Etsy shop owner

This picture was taken on one of the evenings this week. These are all your Etsy orders packed and ready to be sent. This time I did it with some help. A new CrochetObjet knitting helper comes once or twice a week to help me pack your colourful orders. Thank you so much for each and every order placed. Well it’s just the perfect moment to THANK YOU for loving my November SALE! you make me SO happy. My 20% off on all digital patterns is still on till Nov 30th. Each and every order placed helps me to reach my desired Etsy star seller – thank you for your support!

A week in the life of a designer / maker

I guess every maker will relate but there are times that my head is SO busy with new ideas. I literally have tons of design ideas running inside my head at each given moment. It is not always like this but I have to say I find myself frequently awake at nights thinking of new designs. As a maker I am very grateful for that but on the other hand also VERY frustrated. BECAUSE I ONLY HAVE 2 HANDS! And knitting or crochet designs take time. A lot of time!


A few weeks ago I shared my frustration with my students and they offered some help. So instead of going crazy with tons of designs to make, I decide to get some help! Two of my students offered to hold the hooks and needles to help me bring a few of my ideas into life! YES for getting help when needed. I will share more about this here with you as the designs emerge. It doesn’t mean that I will stop holding my yarns and hook / needles. NOT AT ALL! Above you see one of my new crochet WIPs using mYak wool.A Week In The LifeYesterday morning, before leaving for my morning walk I took a few moments to tidy up my Hand knitted sock basket. It’s been a while since I last posted a picture of them, here and there are a few new ones made. I took this picture for a special project for local small businesses owned by women, held by a friend of mine. I will probably share it over on my IG account.a week in the lifeA Week In The LifeOn my way back home from the park yesterday, I stopped at our local nursery to buy some greenery for my beloved and only sister who is celebrating her birthday today. When I came home I had my sourdough starter waiting for me ready to become tomorrow’s sourdough rye bread. Our eldest daughter, Maya asked me to prepare one for a friends dinner and I’m here for that.


So, before I go and get ready for the Bday party let me just thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me process so much of what’s been going on here this week. Thank you for reading my ‘morning pages’ a week in the life version. Happy Thanksgiving to my blog readers who celebrate it, xxMo