This week at CrochetObjet knitting was quite busy and here are a few inspiring things that I wanted to share with you.

Let’s share some love together

This week my friends from mYak had their IG account stolen and held to ransom. They lost their beautiful grid as well as 32K followers. After a few days of struggling and trying helplessly to contact IG for help, mYak decided to open a new account. To start and rebuild it all over again. Would you, my lovely blog readers, join me and help them recover? Let’s do something good together and follow mYak new IG account. Please click here to follow and come back to enjoy our weekly chat. Thank you! Feels so good to send love, thank you for joining me in this. Now let me share some good vibes from this week at CrochetObjet knitting.

Evening Breeze

There’s a slight start of some weather change here in Israel. Although it is indeed still very hot and humid. We can feel a tiny change especially on our daily evening walks and I’m very thankful for that. Do you also feel any weather changes these days where you are located?
It’s funny that I am writing about the weather changing because the forecast shows another heatwave coming this weekend. But I have still enjoyed a few less hot evening walks.

Still trying to find the right weekly balance

In my search for a balanced weekly work routine I decided to stop holding weekly Tuesday morning workshops and now hold them every other week. This decision proved right for me this week. On Tuesday after my regular morning tidying routine, I filmed and uploaded a new knitting tutorial to YouTube.

Recently some students here have started to learn to knit socks, its always so exciting to start this journey with a first timer. The first time they cast on and start to knit a wooly tube that would soon become a sock? .. so exciting. I taught them the German Twisted Cast-on and after a few demonstrations some of the students asked if I could upload a tutorial to my YouTube so that they could come back and watch again.  I immediately showed them some great tutorials that were already on YouTube but they only wanted to see how I do it .. and repeatedly asked for videos by me!

The New Tutorial Video

The German twisted cast-on creates an edge that stretches well and looks the same, front and back. It’s ideal for starting top-down socks and it’s my go to CO on. Here is my video. I hope you’ll also find it helpful, please give it the thumbs up if yes and please consider subscribing.


I still hold Monday morning classes and a knit nights on Tuesday evening. Here is a sneak peek of what we had on our creative table.This week at CrochetObjet knittingOn Monday we had so many different projects on the table which I think can inspire you. Like these Jelly rolls socks. We have made so many of these during the past year. It’s such a joyful project. Here is a Bunny Alber in the making.This is a crochet bag pattern. We crocheted so many of them here during the past years and you have asked for the pattern so many times. We got it from an old Japanese book that one of the knitters brought with her years ago.Two at a time socks and the same hands are busy crocheting an advanced solid square pattern I designed for her on the go. She was very inspired by the Wild Daisy square. We also had a last round made on this KISS blanket and as you can see there are some ends to weave in. Hope to have these yarn packs available soon.

Tuesday’s Knitnite

Somehow there are just these pictures taken on our knitnite. I think we can blame the good vibes. It was too funny and I just didn’t take enough pictures. But here is a Stockholm V neck by Petiteknit on the making and one more pair of Jelly Rolls socks. Sammy crochet fish was also a star on the knitnite and we had a few gauge swatches. I love helping people, love teaching while having fun. This week at CrochetObjet knitting This week at CrochetObjet knitting

In the development department

Sometimes a new Pattern design is mostly unravelling and knitting again x billion times and that’s exactly the situation with this project.this week at crochetobjetIt’s a bag I am knitting using GrannyKit cotton Jet black and Shalle Grey held together. Every knitting moment of this bag is a pleasure. Even though most of the time I am busy with unraveling the stitches and knitting them again. Last weekend I spent hours just starting it all over again for billion times. But as they say Journey before destination and the journey is providing me with hours of joy. The creative side took over and I keep on going with it.

And how good it is to have a sourdough bread making in between Knitting and unravelling and knitting again. One of these went to a corona-patient family. Friends of our daughter who returned all sick from a vacation in the US.

Beach Walk

Yesterday Eyal and I managed to get a barefoot walk on the beach at sunset. By the end of the walk, it was already dark, but the beach was still full of people. Sitting and enjoying their time looking at the sea. Enjoying life, and the salty summer breeze.

The Delta Variant is not resting here in Israel, as in most places in the world. The level of infection is quite high. At the moment everything is open, but we are asked to show our vaccination record barcode to be allowed into places. There’s always someone we know in isolation. I assume that’s the case with you, too? How do you guys manage in this weird situation? Eyal has returned to work from home full time. They were told not to come to the office at all.

Knitting, crochet and inspiration

In my CrochetObjet knitting studio, we are still holding our weekly meetings because it’s hard for us to give them up. We keep small groups, sitting the whole time with masks on. Taking them off only for sips of coffee or tea. We’re all vaccinated or recovering from Covid.

Knitting in a group maintains our sanity and it is ok for us to sit with a mask on so that we can still hold them. It’s a source of sanity and happiness for all of us and we appreciate this quality time together and are grateful for it.

I really hope I was able to convey some of this happiness to you. Hope I left you with a nice weekend reading and some inspiration.