On my so needed July break with some slow-Mo days, I found myself creating a new crochet pattern and I can’t wait for you to join me on this joyful making. I love creating new patterns and today I’m here to share everything about SAMMY the new crochet fish pattern.


It was one of the hottest days in summer when I started working on this pattern. Inspired by our barefoot summery beach walks, when tiny flocks of fish swam close to my legs in the salted sea water. Playing with a few tiny little wool balls I had next to me at my desk. Plus that I had Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) in mind. The Jewish holidays are just around the corner and fish are one of the most dominant symbols of the new beginning.SAMMY - Crochet Fish PatternWhen I started to crochet my first trials I used some leftover wool and cotton I had next to me and the result is a mixture of all of them used together in my new design. This crochet fish pattern made with a sport weight Cotton yarn / 4ply fingering wool held together with a Silk Mohair. With a little embroidery detail added. The result is a soft hairy fish made to decorate with or to add to your soft animal friends, because Sammy was born to be among friends. So, before you jump into this creative little project, let me give you some information that you might find helpful. SAMMY - Crochet Fish Pattern


I love creating new patterns and provide step-by-step instructions so you can make them yourself even if you are a beginner. I thought it would be helpful if I filmed a video tutorials on how to make a few steps on the pattern. It’s as if I’m teaching you in person. crochet Pattern


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Length from top of head to bottom – Aprox 5.9″ (15 cmSAMMY - Crochet Fish Pattern


This is a perfect stash project and you can use tiny little leftover yarns that you have. Here is a list of yarns you will need.

  • For the head: 1.5 gr of 4 ply Fingering weight yarn held with Silk Mohair yarn (0.6 gr).
  • For the body: Sport weight 4 ply cotton 12 gr (30 meter) held with Silk Mohair 4 gr (35 meter).
  • You will also need about 0.6 gr of Silk Mohair in Aqua or any other colour you like for eyes.

The Fish as you can see in the pictures were crocheted using two strands of yarn held together. On the head: A 4 ply Fingering sock yarn held with a Silk Mohair in various colors. On the body: A sport weight 4 ply cotton (Granny Kit col. ShaleGrey) held with a Silk Mohair (‘Knitting for Olive’ Off White).


3 mm & 3.75 mm crochet hooks. Use any hook size to obtain gauge and that will create a surface with no big holes between the sts. I used this crochet hook and this one.


20 sts & 23 rows = 4 x 4″ (10 x 10 cm) measured on a sc sts. 


  • About 80 cm’ of Fingering or Sport weight yarn in Turquoise color to embroider with. 
  • Soft stuffing material  – you don’t need to stuff the fish too much. Keep it soft. 
  • Stitch markers, row counter, tapestry needle and crafty scissors.  

crochet patternSo this is everything you need to know before diving into this little crochet project. I just can’t wait to have you joining in this creative project. Please share your fish using #summycrochetfish and tag @crochetobjet on IG. LOVE seeing your WIP’s and FO’s. Happy making! Shop pattern here.crochetobjet about pageJust two more things that I think you might like to know, before I’m off the weekend. This week we have FINALLY updated the about page here on CrochetObjet knitting website. It was SO outdated and I wanted to get it done for a LONG time. DONE!!! feels good and I love it. Please check it and if you think I have to make changes please leave me a comment and let me know your ideas. Your opinion is so important to me!!studio chatThis week I have uploaded a new Studio Chat with me to YouTube. Along with some knitting, crochet, coffee and NYC stories I also talk about my next Etsy update. Make yourself a cup of coffee and come join me there. I’ll be chatting with you in the comment section. I wish you all a lovely weekend, xxMo

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