Chunky Benji was so excited with all the love you showed to his new buttoned up cardi. He send his love to you all and wants you to know he is warm and happy. Now he is waiting patiently for his next sweater pattern, the stripes raglan, which is still a work in progress. He was trying it on several times through this week, to help me decide on the right proportions and measurements. I was so sure it would be ready to be published this weekend but there was still some work to do on the design and… not enough time.
Sharing the same studio

The weather was still pretty wintery over the last week and we enjoyed the rain drops on our studio’s windows as well as on the lemons on our lemon tree. As E is working from home (for almost a year now), we share the studio together on a daily basis. At first I was extremely excited to spend so much time together but to be honest I miss my home alone mornings. There are so many video conferences during his work day that sometimes it makes it very hard for me to share the same room with him. It’s not that easy to concentrate on developing new designs, while these long meetings are taking place in our studio.

On my morning routine

Usually I start my mornings by tidying up our home, which I enjoy so much. I can find myself tidying for hours, really. I love keeping my space clean and cosy, ever since I remember myself. So during the first part of the morning he has the studio for himself. Usually for mornings conversations with his team. And when I’m ready to sit at my desk, or to do any of my crochetobjet tasks in the studio, we both put earphones on and it works quite ok. Luckily the boys are handling their school zoom meetings on their own, each in his room, so in some cases we can use the living area if one of us needs extra quiet hour.
Stripes raglan for chunky benji

Stripes Raglan for Chunky Benji – Work In Progress
During the past few weeks I’ve been busy designing sweaters for Chunky Benji. Last Friday I published the cardigan to keep him warm for these rainy days but at the same time I started developing a stripes raglan for him. I was so sure it would be published in a few days after the cardigan was released. But as I was starting to write down the pdf file I found out that I would like to make some changes on the design. Ended up with four raglans knitted on the design progress, my desk looks like a little sweater factory. Plus two sweaters knitted by my beloved student Yael who helps me testing the pattern. But no complains, what so ever. I am SO in love with the process. SO in love with the making and the result is super super fine.
stripes raglan
We’re using Arwetta classic wool which is quite thin but the result is very fine and I am so in love with the high end feel of the knitted fabric. Yael and myself really enjoy knitting this tiny raglan. We just about to finish knitting the final version and hopefully the stripes raglan will be released in the next following days and Chunky Benji can enjoy it on this sweater weather. So, what do you think? I would love to hear your comments on the new sweater. Thank you so much for reading my little work in progress update. See you on my next one, xxMo