Last week I finally published the Crochet Fern Leaf pattern. I though you might like to know that this week I have uploaded the crochet Fern Leaf video tutorial to my new Youtube channel. My intention is FIRST and foremost to thank you for loving my pattern but also to help you start making it and to support those of you who just make their first steps in crochet. In this video I teach you not just how to start but also how to crochet your stitches and to explain the variety of stitches used in the pattern.

My new YouTube channel

About two months ago, I started a YouTube channel. The seed was planted a while ago. Our second son Uri (just celebrated his Bar Mitzva – 13 years old) was pushing me for quite a while to start up my own channel. He also offered he will take care of all technical aspects for me. It took me a while to build the idea inside my little busy head and positive thoughts were mixed with non positive ones. Although I had so many inside rejections and fears I knew it’s about time. Maybe it’s 2020 to blame? With everything it brought us through? One day I just started recording and after 6 or 7 takes I realised I will never like my voice but I really enjoy the filming. I also learned how to manage everything by myself, in terms of uploading the video and everything related to it. I LOVE teaching and it’s a great way for me to teach you wherever you are, even if you are far awaycrochet fern leaf video tutorial

English and Hebrew tutorials

This week I uploaded my first ever video tutorial in English. Up till now all my previous videos were in Hebrew. I did it for a few reasons. First, because really, there are so many English speaking tutorials out there. Second, because I alway feel that my English is not good enough. and lastly because as the first step on YouTube, I wanted to keep it simple and not to put myself under too much pressure. But this week I thought that the crochet Fern Leaf video tutorial should be in English, to support my far away followers, which I hope will help you on your Fern making. With this new English video uploaded, I feel a little more comfortable to record some other crochet and knitting tutorials in English so these are maybe good news for my English speaker followers? I hope so. So, please checkout my new YouTube channel and if you like the new crochet Fern Leaf pattern you can always follow my video tutorial along with the written pattern.


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Thank you so much for loving my patterns and for following my creative journey. xxxMo