Can’t believe it’s Friday again. But yes, it is and before I dive into my weekend activities, I wanted to pop in and let you know that Kiss Blanket Yarn Pack is back in stock! I know some of you have waited patiently for this update, so hope it’ll bring some joy your way. If this is the first time you meet Kiss (Keep It Simple) blanket project, check my previous post to read more about it. I will only have limited quantities at this time of the year so if you like to start your Kiss journey go ahead and grab your pack now.kiss blanket yarn packThis yarn pack includes the same 21 cotton balls I used in my original Kiss blanket. Each cotton ball will have a # on it’s back side so you know which colour works first, second and so on… The Kiss blanket pattern is available here and is not included in the yarn pack. In case you want to use any other yarn but still want to keep the same colour story, please follow the above picture as a colour guide.

This garter stitch project will provide you with hours of colourful calming knitting goodness and I hope you’ll give it a go. Happy making, Mo.