25% off on all patterns for lockdown daysWe are all together in COVID-19 worldwide situation. We all cope same restrictions, we all understand that we have to stay home and to keep social distancing. For our health as well as for others. But thanks to social media we are all closer than ever. Being able to be apart and still communicate, no matter how far we are, I find it so comforting. Seeing our wonderful crochet & knitting community comes even closer makes me feel so lucky. Knitting and Crochet bring joy into our quarantines. As a pattern designer I would love to share some joy from my end. I thought of keeping you happy with 25% off on all patterns during lockdown days. Both my local students and myself feel that knitting patterns are a great help at these special times. You can find a bunch of FREE patterns here on the right hand side bar.

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Our local post office today updated us, that next week, we will be able to send packages on Sunday and Thursday mornings ONLY. So for now I decided to keep all cotton packs and kits live on my Etsy shop. Lets keep it day by day. For now, kits and cotton packs are still available. In any case the 25% off on all patterns will be available as long as we have this lockdown on.

25% off patterns for lockdown days

Packing & shipping

I personally pack all your orders, using sterile gloves and a sterile mouth mask. Fortunately our post office is very close to our home, so we can still walk there. Our post office turned into a sterile zone. We can get inside only one person at a time, wearing gloves and face masks. Please keep in mind shipping might take longer than the usual.

clean eating

At home

We cook a lot, but I mean A LOT. We have 3 kids (18, 12 & 10) and they are constantly hungry. I spend so much time in the kitchen but to be honest I enjoy it a lot. With our new pantry, which is still a WIP, I love LOVE love and enjoy having it. Still awaiting more glass jars to arrive. We all are very much about clean eating and we try to cook using fresh and healthy ingredients. I prepared this Turmeric & Ginger healthy Juice last week , following Lisa’s (Downshiftology) Jamu Juice recipe. If you don’t know Lisa, visit her blog and IG. Maya, our eldest loves to cook so she helps with feeding while Eyal and myself are busy. I love it that we sit all 5 of us to eat together at least 2 times a day. This is a special bonus. Beside cooking we also practice home schooling. Part of it is working following teachers requests but our kids also have some online learning. We are watching the whole Harry Potter movies (once again). My kids don’t need any special event for running a family Harry Potter watch, this is their #1 go to family activity.

Our parents

My father is 74 years old and it took a lot of energy to make him stay home and stop shopping supermarket and fresh vegetables for us. Eyal’s mom is a little older, she’s also alone at home, which is not easy. We make daily video calls to stay close and happy together with them.

lockdown days

Working from home

We are very lucky to have our new studio space so both my husband and myself have a quiet working space. Eyal works from home now so we share the same space, no complains from my side :). At first I thought it’ll be a huge opportunity for me. I thought I’ll have much more time for patterns writhing because there are no group classes here now. Surprisingly but also not, I still teach online.

Video lessons

I make one on one video lessons with my beloved students and guess what? Not just my beloved students. The last couple of weeks made me understand that so many people want to learn with me and the video lessons are just a perfect solution for them, not just for COVID-19 days. It’s just more comfortable for them to take classes from home. Some because they have a little baby, others because they live far away from my studio… We use Zoom or WhatsApp calls and it works!!! Huge success. So, if you ever thought of learning with me, send me a note, we can make it happen. You can see my teaching station on the picture above. My students tell me they see the studio on the background and it makes them feel like they’re visiting my studio. During these lessons I could feel the happiness of finding a crochet or knitting pattern to work with. The 25% off on all patterns came as a result of these meeting and conversations.

garden joy

What keeps your spirit up in COVID-19 days?

Signs of spring stars to show in our balcony garden and this is a # 1 ‘keeps my spirit up’ thing these days. But there are two things that I hug very strong nowadays: my knitting/crochet and Iyengar Yoga. I take my yoga classes in Zoom during the current situation, at least twice a week but I also do self practice, a few minutes every day. Lockdown days are not that bad if you are a knitter or crocheter. Keep this opportunity close and hug the joy this craft brings. What is your current crafty project? What are you making to keep your spirit up these days? I really hope the 25% off on all patterns will help keeping you happily busy. Make the most of this time but please stay home. xoxMo

. . .

Wish I would make it to add more patterns to my shop soon. Guess you’ll enjoy some Easter bunnies making.