On Friday mornings, when no workshops are booked in my CrochetObjet studio, E & me usually plan to have some ‘for us’ time . Go for a little walk by the park together, is our winner in most cases. We prefer to go on the route that leads us straight to the beach, nearby Tel Aviv port. We always start our walk with a little chat and then slowly move to hear music. We both need some time with our ear phones playing music to inhale some extra pleasure.

We are usually tight with time as the school day ends up very early on Fridays but we enjoy every moment we have. I love when we reach the sea shore. This is the part where I walk slower then finally stop walking for observing or taking pictures. When we walk this path back to the car, I am usually a lot behind E so in most cases he waits for me sitting on one of the wooden benches looking at the water. Last Friday we even managed to stop for some of those healthy cold pressed juices right after. I usually go for the greens plus a shot of wheatgrass. It makes me feel I did something good for my body. E usually chooses something softer, something that is more for the pleasure than for the health… On our way back home, enjoying my pressed greens, I was knitting of course. I’m busy making E’s first hand knitted socks. Will write a separate post about this soft wooly, beautiful coloured pair. I love to crochet or knit while in the car, one of these little pleasures.

We still had some quiet moments when we were back at home and I finally managed to arrange my sock wool (growing) stash in this new basket. HOOO gosh I’m getting unbelievable amount of pleasure of these little things. E’s mom bought me this basket on her last visit to IKEA and I thought it might be cool to have it under our living room table, holding all my socks ‘up coming plans’. I placed all my wooly balls in it, playing with it like little girl plays with her dolls tea time. My sock needles organizer is usually placed on our living room table and now with this basket underneath – it becomes a little sock studio – what a joy.

These blissful Friday morning moments are such a battery chargers. The next two Friday mornings are booked not only for crochet workshops, but also for a sock knitting group – something new I started up recently, which I plan to share here with you soon. I’m so looking forward to sharing here all the colourful moments from these meetings. I still have a few more things on my ‘to do’ list to get prepared for January workshops. I wrote a new Hedgehog pattern for one of the groups which I’ll show you later. Thank you as always for visiting me here, xoxMo

P.S hate my living room table, wish I had some time and energy to look for something nicer to replace it.