Hellooooo Hello, I’m here with some VERY good news. Both kit and PDF pattern of the Stripes & Colours blanket are now available at my Easy shop. I am SO sooOOOO HAPPY I made it. I love designing crochet blankets. It took me a few weeks of quite intense work, isolated in my studio, but it is finally done and I am very happy with both of them. Today I’ll tell you everything you need to know about them.cotton yarn pagsFirst, let me just send a huge Thank You, for all of your warm comments on Social Media, every time I posted a picture related to this colourful striped crochet blanket. Your comments and all the love you sent filled my heart with huge joy. THANK YOU!!!!! I also Thank You for waiting so patiently for me to write down this pattern. I was here at my desk writing down a highly detailed pattern for…. it’s a secret…. I’m not gonna’ tell you how long it took me to create this step-by-step pattern… Gosh, do I love writing patterns… As always, I have tried very hard to create a pattern that will make you feel like you are here with me in one of my workshops. It turned out as a very VERY detailed PDF pattern. Both kit and Pattern are now available on my Etsy shop. As a thank you gesture, I’m offering the kit for a special launching price now, till the end of November 2017. This is my way of giving back a little portion of the love and warm words you sent during the design process  so  you   can  also  create  crochet  blankets.crochet blankets with cottoncrochet blankets with cottonI started cooking and developing this colourful stripy blanket back in August, while I was busy working on my Linen Clutch pattern. It took quite a few trials till I found what I was looking for. You can find more details about the development process on my previous blog post. It became a very rich project both in texture and colour. So, let me give you some important information before we dive into the kit and pattern details.cotton yarnSIZE & MEASUREMENTS
With GrannyKit cotton yarn and the recommended hooks, your Stripes & Colour blanket will be Aproxx: 87 cm (34.25″) width X 118 cm (46.5″) length. If you like to create a bigger size blanket, please contact me via my Etsy shop. I will create a special listing for you, since you would need an extra ball from some of the colours. In any case, when you plan a different size blanket keep your foundation ch with an uneven number of ch sts.  crochet blanketsLEVEL
This pattern is written step-by-step with close up pictures along the pattern, to make it easy for you to follow even if you are a beginner. You have to be familiar with the basics of crochet.
The list with all the stitches used in this pattern is given in the beginning of the PDF file.crochet corner stichesI’ve put together a kit for you so you can make your own Stripes & Colours Blanket, just like the one I created. Though this blanket is made of 22 different cotton colours, you will actually need 24 GrannyKit cotton balls, because two of them are used more than others (in both blanket and framing). A full list of the colour sequence for both blanket and framing is given in the pattern so you can make your blanket identical to mine.cotton yarn colorsThe idea of creating a DIY crochet kit, for this project, has been in my mind from a very early stage of the designing process. I really really love kit making. Kits create special magic and for me a kit embodies this magical story about a potential journey one can make. A Kit is a special gift you can give to yourself or to someone you love.

So, are you ready to check out the kit I have made for you? cotton yarn packThe Stripes & Colours kit includes ::
24 GrannyKit cotton of the following colours :: From up, left to right :: each ball is 50 gr’ ::
Lilac :: Roseate :: Ruby :: Framboise :: Berry :: Baby Pink :: Peach :: Coral ::
Sand x2 :: Shale Grey x2 :: Platinum :: Jasper :: Loft :: Cadet ::
Cameo :: Umber :: Gold :: Spicy :: Wheat :: Matisse :: Turquoise :: Alice ::

If you plan on making a bigger blanket, you will need to contact me. I will prepare a special listing for you since you will need an extra ball of some of the colours.granny kit cotton yarn COLOUR CARD
In each kit I have put a beautiful colour card with all 85 GrannyKit cotton colours. This card shows all the different colours in my cotton collection. You can magnet it to your ‘mood board’ or put it in your sketch book.
cotton yarn pack and patternPATTERN
As with all my patterns this pattern as well is written in English using US crochet terms. The list with all the stitches used in this pattern is given at the beginning of the PDF file. It is a step-by-step pattern with MANY close up pictures for each and every step.crochet blanket pattern pdf I made it so it will be easy for you to follow even if you are a beginner. The pattern is made so that you feel as if you are here with me in one of my workshops, from the first step to the last. You’ll also have a colour sequence that you can follow, in this 18 pages pattern. If you like to have ONLY the pattern without the kit, it is available herefoundation chaincrochet blanket edgingWhile purchasing a kit, you will receive the pattern by mail. If you like to get a printed copy, please leave a note while checkout. The reason I usually send the pattern via email is due to it’s weight- it contain 18 pages in the printed copy and impact the package total weight. Sending the pattern via e mail could reduce the weight of the package and therefore save on shipping costs.crochet blanket detailsFRAMING
I spent hours and made gazillion trials on framing my blanket and here’s a little secret I have to tell you: I was really happy with the way my Stripes & Colours border looked after round #4 was done. I lay down on the couch, just after I had finished round #4 and it was quite late. I spread the blanket over my body as it was so soft and comfy. I looked at it and was SO happy. I was at a point in which my Stripes & Colours border was completed. However, the day after, it just made me feel sad that my blanket project was over, Done, Finito… I just couldn’t stop crocheting. So, I decided to add a few more rounds to the border. If you feel you’re OK with the first 4 rounds of your blanket border, please note, this is absolutely fine with me!crochet blanketsI love both options of this border and It will make me very happy if you just let yourself go ahead with any option you prefer.

This is how my final Stripes & Colours border look. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I added a little more of the Berry colour as a reflection of the Linen Stitch and the dotty effect it makes in the stripes. I love the way it pops out like fine embroidery. Ohh and the small shells over the final round- a super delicious meditative crochet work. The whole border came out just like a colourful embroidered strip. The full border tutorials are included in the Patterncrochet blankets

crochet blankets kitOPTIONAL
Yes, these new CrochetObjet project bags. I am very excited to be able to offer my own totes now. Once again thanks to my talented friend Shirley, the owner of studio Nylon, you now have the option to receive the kit in one of these new cotton bags, with CrochetObjet printed on it. It can be a prefect bag for this project. It can hold all GrannyKit cotton balls and still have place for your growing blanket project.
crochetobjet bagThe bag size is: 37 x 41cm (14.5′ X 16.14′).
The CrochetObjet logo is printed in dark blue – as my original logo colour.
This tote is simple, cute, and useful and I just love it’s simplicity.
So, in the stripes & colours blanket kit you have the option to choose whether you like to order it with or without a cotton bag. As this kit is now available for a SPECIAL launching price, the bag is given almost for free – so this is a very good opportunity to include it in the kit.

There are two stages of blocking in the making of this blanket. I explain everything about it in my step-by-step pattern. In the final blocking process, I spread my blanket on a carpet, and steamed over the border and all over the blanket with an iron set on steam mode, on the medium heat level. DO NOT let your iron touch the blanket, keep it about 5 c”m away from it. Steam over each corner and stretch it a little. When your blanket and border are all flat and neat, lay flat to dry overnight.crochet blanket blockingThe steam blocking will give your blanket a lovely drape and will make it feel softer.
stripes and colours crochet blanketcrochet blanketcrochet blanketThe Stripes and Colours blanket is already in massive use here in our home. The boys are always happy snuggle in a cottony crochet blanket. No matter how many blankets are already around, they will always fight over the new one…. Lady M is just waiting for a quiet moment with it, after the boys go to bed. I just love to see how naturally it has fit into the styling of our living room.crochet blanketsThank you so much for reading, hope you feel inspired to create your own Stripes & Colours blanket or maybe to gift someone you love with this kit and with the colourful journey it holds. Now you have the opportunity to get this pack for a special launching price till the end of November 2017. If you decide to give this colourful pack to someone beloved and creative, for Christmas, please make sure you place your orders on time. It may take 1-3 weeks for it to arrive and don’t forget to contact me if you wish to make the blanket bigger. I wish you all a happy colourful craftime xoxMo