Today’s post is all about bunny clothing and patterns that I recently added to my Angie bunny collection !!! This Angie bunny JOY !!! I wish I had a few more hours each day so that I could add more and more of my bunny new ideas, more bunny clothing and more of this sweetness and patterns. It’s such a fun, I’m telling you, this bunny making brings so much joy. I love making bunnies and dress them up with chici cotton clothing, play with colourful clothing, make new shoes patterns, create a little colourful bunny story. It’s like illustrating with hook and yarn. Each bunny has it’s own story which is a mixture of my own private life stuff + some crazy wild imagination. Up to this moment I’ve added 2 new outfits to my Angie bunny collection. BUT I have plans to add many more items into my Angie bunny collection in the near future.8 The two new patterns I added to my Etsy shop are the Cosy Easter outfit & the Spring Gardener outfit. 919Both are step by step patterns, very detailed and easy to follow. I’ve added many pictures, mostly close up pictures along with each step, to make it easier for you to understand and follow. I’ve made it so you feel like you sit in one of my workshops and I’m telling you exactly how to make each step. I love putting down these patterns, and I put so much effort on the aesthetics of each page and each detail. SO, would you like to know more about each of the new ‘cutest on earth’ bunny outfits?2The Cosy Easter outfit pattern includes the: Stripped sweater, the Tapestry dotted pants & the cosy sleepers – 3 patterns in total.18 In this pattern I teach the basic principle of the Tapestry crochet, I teach how to softly change colour on stripe making. I teach how to make in tail that makes a sharp Amigurumi edge.

Angie wanted to have a slow relaxing morning at home after the Easter dinner and this cosy outfit will perfectly fit her homey holiday mood. It’s a soft & comfy outfit made of pastel  cotton colours. The tiny little sleepers are easy to wear and easy to take off, Angie likes to spend part of the day reading magazines on the couch so she will need these sleepers on and off her legs. Angie is very happy to spend the day with this cosy Easter outfit, you’ll love making this sweet miniature bunny outfit for your bunny.1The Spring Gardener outfit pattern includes: A spring cardigan, the basic pants pattern & the gardener shoes pattern. 3 step by step patterns in which I teach how to create a tiny little pompom button so you can button up her cardigan and use it as a shirt. The pants pattern I teach here is a basic shape for bunny pants which you’ll be able to play with and create many many more pants, in different lengths and styles for your Angie bunny. 12The shoes pattern is different from what I teach in the cosy Easter pattern so you have the chance to learn a new shoes pattern here.13Angie enjoys working in her garden, she has a small garden where she grows some green leaves for eating together with some beautiful seasonal flowers. She just realized her Lavender blooms at this time of the year. She loves the Lavender flowers and their gorgeous smell. She was so happy to be surrounded by the Lavender flowers that she had to put a lavender leaf on her ear, just for fun. Her outfit is influenced by flowers colours especially the flowers in her garden. She likes to wear her Spring Garden outfit, takes her cup of coffee out to the garden, breathes some fresh air, stares at the colourful flowers and gets inspired. She also likes to check her Facebook account while sitting out at the garden, of course…1514I think that together with the Turtleneck dress, Angie Bunny has quite a nice collection in her closet now and you have some nice bunny projects to keep your hands busy during Easter or anytime you like.17aMore clothing patterns are in work here, I have so many trials at my desk, my notebook is full of ideas and my hands are very busy creating new happiness. The plan is to write down the baby bunny pattern next, hope to have it on my Etsy shop during the next week. I also plan to share a FREE PATTERN here, to one of the new dresses I just wrote in my recipes notebook. I know you’ll love it. Stay tuned, xoxMo22