These moments when I go down to pick up my Minions from school and on our way back home we find these ‘beauty in pink’, at our local supermarket.8These moments on our way home, very happy with our flowers, Minion2 is giving me his addition to our flower decoration.2These moments when I have granny squares first timer on a ‘one on one’ session, in our kitchen table. This lady is a cool hot lady which asked me to teach her the basics of crochet, we made 2 sessions by now and I can tell you for sure, more pretty things will soon come out of her hands.15These moments when I make it to the park to have a healing morning walk, listening to music, breathing some fresh air and refreshing thought are flooding my head and heart.14These moments on my morning walk when I have to stop and say hello because I have to. Such a bliss.13These moments when I’m back from the park, full of this creative, positive energy and I fix a fresh heathy lunch for my 3 Minions. 12These mornings when I enter my petit home studio, open the window and share these cotton colours with you on IG. And then after I shared my cotton colours you keep my day happy shiny with all your “make me smile” comments.16These moments when I pick up some fabrics, for my father-in-law for our little fabric buttons factory 1019These moments when I have the time to sit quietly on my beloved sofa and crochet a custom order – Angie bunny special gift for a new mom in NYC.5aThese moments when she asked me to add a little naked baby to her original order. 203These moments when we both decide to dress up the cute little baby bunny. 17These moments when Minion2 sees the dressed baby bunny and asked me to dress his own baby bunny.6These moments when I have to stop everything I do and take a photo of this gorgy bunny box – what a box of joy.
All these pretty moments photos, were taken during last week, while I’m busy writing you more of this bunny delight – special Easter patterns. Stay tuned, xoxMo