She has a name :: SHE HAS A NAME :: FOUR SEASONS :: The 4 seasons chevron blanket :: done :: already being used, laying on the sofa with so much chic ::post20Apost13 if you just take one quick look you’ll automatically get the sense of the ‘four seasons’ name I gave it ::  you can easily find all 4 seasons within the colour composition :: each angle and each pose is like a different season and a different mood but it all works in a beautiful flow together and I just  L* O * V * E  it :: I even made a special board on Pinterest for my 4 seasons blanket :: It is just a little more than 100 cm’ width by 150 cm’ length :: and it’s made out of 26 stripes :: if you think of making one as well :: the four seasons chevron kit is at the shop now ::post2 pos226 balls of Granny Kit soft handle cotton :: this kit will be good for you if you want to make your blanket same size as mine (100cm X 150cm) :: Each cotton ball will make one colour stripe (if you go with my size) :: Each stripe is made out of almost 50 gr’ so you’ll have a little yarn oddment of each ball :: The next picture is showing you the yarn oddments basket I’ve arranged here ::post3112I’ve been very busy during the past few weeks working on a full step-by-step pattern :: It’s almost ready for you as a nice PDF file in both English and Hebrew :: I will post you (my lovely subscribers) a coupon code which you can use at my shop and download the pattern for free :: if you haven’t subscribed yet please do that now so you’ll get in the list on time :: Before launching my four seasons chevron pattern lets make something clear :: THIS PATTERN IS MY OWN PATTERN and I wrote it step by step with my own idea of how I want my chevron to look like :: yes there are soooooo many chevron and ripples out there and with Pinterest you can easily find tones of free patterns :: and I know this looks pretty much alike but HEY I’ve written my own pattern so it is not like any other pattern out there :: it is totally mine :: and I know you’ll love it ::post26Now after making this point clear I can tell you for sure it was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever crocheted :: I just couldn’t stop working on it and as it got closer to the end I became a little sad and started to slow down because I just didn’t want to finish it :: this pattern is so easy going :: yes you have to count a little but still, this is so meditating and easy to make with no need of colour changing on each row :: each colour stripe is made out of 6 rows and the repeat is very easy to follow :: I strongly recommend that you start with a small sample before you start your ‘real size’ blanket :: it’ll help you get the sence and rhythm of the pattern into your head and fingers ::post5 what I find so special about this chevron pattern (and some of you mentioned it as a comment on my IG) is the look of the granny clusters next to the solid double crochet stitch :: the mix of different clusters stitches, looks like little jam stones holding the solid stripe and give it a feel of little detailed jewellery :: The mixture of the lacy “with holes” area next to the dense dc’s area :: that’s what this pattern is all about :: it is so about the mixture between retro and modern :: I think that’s what gives it it’s freshness :: it is such a fresh granny chevron pattern :: now are you ready to enjoy some pictures I took for you? :: Take a sip of your coffee and lay back ::post19 post18post39post23post22post16post28As I’ve mentioned in my previous chevron post, my first idea of colour composition has changed as I go :: the left side shows you my original colour idea and the right side shows the final colour sequence :: the colour composition was also quite a journey as I felt, while working, that the colours are leading me :: It wasn’t easy to give up my original choice of colours cause I liked it :: and it was beautifully balanced but as crocheting the full stripe the colour was strongly effected by it’s ‘colour neighbour’ :: I’m quite happy with the result :: post34post37post33The four seasons chevron blanket is edge free as it is all about periodicity and flow :: framing this blanket is like blocking it’s flow and would make it look not just static but even locked :: I just wanted to let it be and couldn’t frame it what so ever… :: The colours naturally flow from one to another and the rhythm of the stripes is so dynamic :: While framing them would have stop the movemet :: SO :: no framing here :: anyhow the width edges are curling a little as you go :: so like in any other crochet work :: we gonna ‘block’ it :: just spray some water on the edges and lay flat on the floor or table :: arrange it nicely with your hands :: make it straight and help it understand and find it’s own edge position :: lay flat to dry :: over night if needed :: and there you go :: sharp chevron edge :: not just sharp but clear cut with no flow disturbances :: It’s movement is so strong and isn’t it? ::post1So what do you think? :: are you gonna make one of your own? :: will it be made out of the four seasons kit? :: I think once you try this pattern you’ll be very happy to make one of your own :: post38post21It brings so much happiness and style into the room :: and the making proccess is quite meditating as I’ve just said :: it is one lovely project to work on :: I’ll post here the FREE coupon code early next week for you :: Thank you so much for coming over to my little blog corner and for all your nice comments on IG and FB :: I really appreciate it :: see you soon :: xoxMo

PS the pattern is now available here