A week of crochet :: sounds perfect… right? :: I wish I wish I wish I had a week full with just crocheting and colouring :: It was, in a way, but not enough ::  for sure not enough :: so let’s just pretend it was ok? :: Here is a blog post full of “Crochetime” :: crochet and colours ::22 As you could see on my IG and FB this week :: I’ve just started my new granny chevron cotton blanket, and this pleasure is flowing very very fast :: it’s even kind of meditating :: I really enjoy every single minute of it :: you will soon understand what I’m talking about :: if you’re planning on making one of your own :: I’m telling you :: this pattern is just a great GREAT DIY pattern :: like a good book you strongly hold it’s last pages and don’t want to finish reading ::

576It’s been a while since I wanted to make a chevron blanket and quite a while that I’m trying to write my own pattern for chevron/ripple :: There are so many nice ones on the web and so many beautifully coloured ripples :: there is the classic, pretty ripple pattern with an easy ‘how to’ by Lucy from Attic24 :: and Pinterest is full of nice ripples and ripples variations :: this one was the closest to what I was looking for :: I wanted my chevron to have this granny chic but with a little twist :: I wanted it to look fresh and vibrant :: not too vintagy retro :: I was looking for something cozy and beautifully coloured :: and YES :: it should be made of cotton yarn ::131630It was clear from the first strip that the colour sequence I had in mind might change as I go :: I had this colour list very well organized but I knew that the colours themselves will lead my decisions and will help me create the balance I was looking for :: The colour sequence I had in mind was theoretically very balanced but when I had it crocheted into my ripple stripe I had to make some changes :: that’s the way it works :: this is colour work :: no matter how good you are with colours :: while making a colour combination you have to go back and forth until you have it right :: up to the BINGO! :: 20Few colours were moved in and out till they found (or not) their right place and neighbours :: 27In some cases I had to undo and redo :: sometimes the colour I choose looked right only after finishing the next colour :: I wanted it beautifully coloured :: crisp like a fresh croissant :: bright and beautiful :: 1728What do you think? Do you like it? Would you like to make one as well? :: this granny ripple blanket is one of the most enjoyable craft work I’ve made :: and I’m just writing down the pattern for you :: so you can also make your granny chic chevron blanket soon ::23

3334How would you like your ripple blanket to be made? Multicoloured? Monochrome? :: I can imagine this granny ripple pattern with a delicious monochrome colour combo :: the monochrome option is still something I’ld like to make :: (…so many things I want to make…) :: I’m quite sure you know this feeling… :: The pattern will be ready soon :: as soon as a mom of 3 can do :: Thank you so much for your patience :: It will be a photographed, step by step DIY pattern with the exact colour sequence I have in my own chevron blanket :: The pattern will be available ONLY for my blog subscribers for FREE with a coupon code I’ll post you as soon as it’s ready at my shop :: (It is for free just if you have subscribed to my blog till June 17th 2015, after this date it will be available here and is not given for free anymore) :: If you are not subscribed yet, click the subscribe button now :: meanwhile I will keep updating you with the new colours added into this blanket on IG and FB ::  I’ll send you a note when it’s ready :: see you soon here at my little blog corner :: xoxMo ::

PS:: the4 seasons chevron pattern is not for FREE anymore :: it is now available here :: you’ll Enjoy every minute of crocheting this pattern ::