This week workshop was actually an ordered one :: the girls saw this cotton potholder laid in my crochet box (they always look for new things in this box) and asked me to write down the pattern for our next meeting :: which I did :: though it wasn’t an easy one to write :: I think I will keep it as a workshop pattern for now :: Queen Anne’s vintage potholder workshop :: it was quite complicated to write down this pattern and therefore I guess it will be a hard one to crochet from written words even-though it’s written as a ‘step by step’ pattern :: so unfortunately this pattern will not be available at my shop  :: it is a workshop pattern only :: but HEYYY don’t be disappointed, read on and find out what I’m about to share with you soon :: something pretty is in work for you ::DSC_4213AIMG_20150525_135500For this potholder workshop the girls had to crochet the front side at home :: I sent them the front instructions by email :: and the plan was to crochet the back side here at the workshop as this was something new I wanted to show them :: the back side of this potholder is connected to the front side as you go ::
IMG_20150526_210854-2DSC_4221ADSC_4217A DSC_4220AIt wasn’t an easy brizzy workshop Oh No :: It was one of these workshops that you have to be very quite and concentrated and therefore once we started our usual girls talk we had to undo and start counting again :: DSC_4218ADSC_4222ADSC_4223ADSC_4227AWe ended up with few new Queen Anne’s cotton potholders :: they loved it :: they enjoyed making it and look how beautiful they played with the cotton colours ::DSC_4219ADSC_4214AFive of them were doing the potholder but we had one lady making the Marigold square and look how nice she did her first one :: she came from Jerusalem and this was her first workshop :: I was so thankful she came all the way from Jerusalem (by bus) just to take part at one of my workshops ::
DSC_4215AAnd I haven’t told you yet about the two ladies were starting their Yvonne pretty bunny :: look at this first leg made :: A new Yvonne in work :: they will come again soon to finish it, as the Yvonne pattern is made for two meetings :: they got homework to do :: they will crochet the body parts at home and we will connect them here at our next meeting :: DSC_4225AEach of the bunny girls got this beautiful Yvonne’s kit :: They were so happy to take it home and I was pleased to see how happy they are with this Kit :: IMG_20150601_065444So here I am :: back at my desk now :: running my time inbetween soooooooo MANY kids activities :: this is unbelievable but still full of joy and full of love and appreciation :: DSC_4233Together with this kids joy I’m so thankful for these little precious moments I have at my studio desk :: really love to start something new and colourful :: I’m busy with a  pretty heart pattern now ::  made of the GrannyKit cotton yarns :: you saw my posts on my IG and FB page and just like me you liked the colours and the granny chic it has :: The plan is that once I have it written, I’ll share it here at my little blog with you :: I know you’re waiting for this heart pattern and I’m very pleased with your nice comments :: Thank You :: I’ll be back with this pattern soon :: but meanwhile :: show me what are you busy with :: tell me about your current crafty project show me what you’re crafting :: xoxMo ::