We had the very first bunny workshop yesterday morning :: Yvonne first workshop ::  We had so much fun, and Yes we worked hard and went into the very little details, I’ll tell you all about that, but let me first share with you the table preparations..1love to set up the table for my workshops, this is a fun work to do. This time I made it a little different than the usual. This time I prepared a Kit full of goodies for my girls, so I had to think of a different setup.4 When I started to put everything in place I realised it looks very well organised, but a little empty and less colourful than in my crochet workshops. While putting the cookies and grapes and the little jars with Sage and Lavender from my garden, it started to look like what I wanted. I knew we will need more space later, after opening the boxes and I was satisfied with the table.6Each girl had a special box full with everything needed to crochet Yvonne. Come closer take a look.7
After opening the boxes and exploring the goodies we have in it, we took out the white Lace cotton, and started to crochet the bunny legs.13
In few cases we had to change the hook size, as this bunny needs to be crocheted very tight. We don’t want the filling material to show up later beneath the stitches.12
To keep it perfect we made the first leg as a trial to get a feel of our crochet density, so few of us ended up with crocheting the third leg 🙂 . we wanted 2 exact perfect legs to start our body with.  No compromise.15 We worked hard but we had such a creation energy around the table, with fresh herbs tea, coffee and cookies, and this gorgeous natural light came in – I’m so thankful for this light I have in. 5The usual workshop setup for the Granny Kit cotton colours – this is just the opposite side of our kitchen island. And ohhhh, I almost forgot to tell you about this lady that joined our bunny workshop. She wanted to start her first granny blanket. look how well she did with the colours.10




She was sitting at the side of the table, with the cotton box beside her chair. We were all amazed with her way to put colours together. She started making this blanket for her doughtier.22 I know she will make it very beautifully coloured, she’ll be back for edging workshop soon.23

24AMeanwhile, the bunny girls made the pompom tails for Yvonne. For the pompoms we used just a simple white acrylic yarn I have in stash.19

25Time flies when you have fun, I wish we did more in this workshop but the girls were so perfectionists, and they insisted on remake anything that didn’t come perfect. I love my girls.  They got a lot of homework to do, before they come back, in 2 weeks for the second session.26The plan is that when they are back for the next bunny session, we will connect the bunny body parts together and dress it up with nice dress and shoes.20Of course I’ll update you, with pictures of everything the girls will do at home and at the next workshop. Till I’m back with updates and more workshop pictures I just want to tell you that this Yvonne kit + PDF pattern will soon be available for you at my Etsy shop, so you will soon be able to make your own Yvonne pretty bunny. Hope you enjoy it. Do you think you’ll make one of your own?, leave me a comment, let me know what you think.
Enjoy your weekend and we will catch up soon. xox Mo.