Yes this is it, here I am with my very first and special site and blog post that I’ve been dreaming and planing for almost a year, A little virtual space where I can share pretty delightful things with you. Welcome and thank you so much for coming. I am so thankful having you around in all my web activities like, Pinterest, FacebookInstagram but to have you here is to be able not just to share snap shots with few words BUT let you visit and stay a while in my little creative corner. Inspire you with everything at my desk and hook and take you with me to my in & out colourful adventures. Now, I know I am not the best writer out there and I still have a lot to improve, but one thing I know for sure: I speak colour language and I have so much to share with you through colour.1AOver the years I’ve learned that my working desk is a point of interest and more than that I’ve learned I’m happy to share it. “at my desk” is an issue started few years ago when I was a design director at a Jacquard mill, you can get more of it at the about page.6It’s kind of feeling homy here for me after the hard work of planning, discussing, designing my own site and my own blog holding together all my web activities and my creation energy, and yes ohhh yes, have you here with me! so lets get started. Please go visit and discover all the different pages here  – it is all designed so you can easily float between the pages and get it absolutely clear and bright. Make sure you subscribe (at the bar on the right side of this page) so you get an e mail from me for any news and blog posts. At the about page you can learn more of what I did before starting CrochetObjet it’ll give you a better picture on the way I did over the years as a textile designer and how I became a crochet addict. Check it out and leave me a comment so I know what you think.slide7Having said all that I think its a perfect time for a huge THANK YOU to my precious friend and graphic designer Shirley the owner of Nylon studio and to Michael Fingerhut the best Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultant –  best team ever.  thank you guys for all the energy, time and for your expertise. I appreciate so much the way we went together hand by hand into every little detail to make it right. I enjoyed the journey and in love with the result.3OOhhhh I have so much to share with you and the plan is to share few new things over the next few weeks, I haven’t even told you about my new bunny pattern and the coming soon workshops and yes, the 2 new colours added to the Granny Kit cotton line… That’ll be at the next blog posts.

Have a great weekend and we will catch up soon. xox Mo.