Earlier this week I posted this picture on IG grid and on my FB page. I shared the Green drawer announcement telling about my decision to stop selling my Granny Kit cotton. I shared a few Green-drawer’ situation pictures in the past and they always received lots of love. Means many likes and comments (this is love today). So I decided to use it up again to get your attention.

I took this decision earlier last year out of many reasons but I think the first time I shared it publicly was on this episode. After sharing my announcement on social media this week, I realized that many of you just heard it for the first time. The GREEN drawer announcementMany of you reached out, mainly to say how you love this cotton and how sorry you are to hear it. Thank you, it really means a lot to me. It is a well loved cotton and I am still in love with everything I created with it.

I started with my Granny Kit cotton collection, many moons ago. Out of my special love and attraction for colour. Actually, when I just started my CrochetObjet knitting journey I used mainly cotton yarns and I found myself always reaching out for more and more shades. To create richness in the colour story. During the years I published quite a few patterns made out of my Granny Kit cotton. Some of them are available on Etsy and Ravelry and some are shared here on my blog as free patterns.

It’s been a while that I feel it is time for a change, for many reasons. This week I received a lot of questions about my Green drawer announcement. You wanted to know why I decided to stop selling my cotton and if I will be offering it again in the future. And I wanted to answer you all personally. But it is just not realistic for me. You will understand why in a minute.

So what I did, is gathering the most frequently asked questions and tried to answer them, one by one, on this week’s episode. Now I can refer people to this episode if they reach out in the future to ask about my Granny Kit cotton.

I shared other joyful makings on this episode and also something pretty luxurious that arrived in the mail. AND about our second Bono Bunny pattern donation that we just placed. Thanks to you!The GREEN drawer announcementMeanwhile here, I am busy packing your colorful orders. Looking at this picture put joy in my heart. I still love making these colorful bundles for you. Hope they will arrive at your door soon so you can enjoy them. Thank you SO VERY much for the love you showed it over the years and as always thank you for your support, xxMo