W. There are a few new Granny Square video tutorials on my YouTube channel now, BUT FIRST Hello Hello!!! So many new blog visitors. WELCOME! and welcome back if you are a returning blog visitor. So nice to have you here. My blog analytics showed me a huge pick of visitors here over the last few weeks and it made my heart explode. Really, this is SO exciting to have you all visiting my blog and trying out the free patterns I shared here over the years.

Granny Square video tutorialsThank you for all the comments you wrote on the posts you were visiting. I read them all with such a happy heart. Thank you!!! I couldn’t reply to all of them and in a minute you’ll understand why. Many of you wrote that you don’t know how to crochet or that you wish to learn the basic crochet stitches. So today I have some good news for you!


granny squaresRecently I’ve been busy crocheting a granny square blanket for my family. A blanket that is made of 6 rounds of basic one cololur Granny squares. I enjoy crochet them every morning with my first coffee. It’s a very calming mindless work and a perfect way to start the day.

crochet granny squareaI shared my work in progress with you all on this video. I included all the details about the yarn and crochet hook I use. It’s a very simple beginner’s friendly kinda project and I took the opportunity and created a few new basic crochet video tutorials for you which I hope you’ll enjoy

The first Granny Square video tutorial

Here I share exactly how I crochet the squares in my blanket. In this tutorial you will learn how to crochet a simple basic one colour Granny Square. We will be crocheting the square together from the first stitch up to the last. I also shared how I weave in the yarn ends.
Granny Square video tutorials

if you are a beginner then this is my advice

Try to follow my hands movements. That’s exactly what I did when I was a beginner. Don’t worry if you are right handed. I’m a left handed but I have been teaching for years both right handed and left handed crocheter. As a matter of fact I learned a lot by watching right handed videos. I suggest that you stop and start the video continuously while crocheting. That’s exactly what I did and that’s the magic of video tutorials. After you understand the principle you will be able to crochet as many rounds as you like and create different sizes of granny squares.

The second Granny Square video I shared

So after uploading the basic Granny Square video tutorial I received tons of requests from local followers telling me that they wish it was in Hebrew. So the second video tutorial  uploaded is the same as the first but only in Hebrew. This is the exact same Granny square tutorial but in this video I used a colourful 4ply cotton yarn and crocheted a four round granny square. So this is just if you asked yourself why a Hebrew video popped into my YouTube channel.Granny Square video tutorialsMy Granny square pile was getting bigger and bigger so I decided to start joining them. My idea was to try the sewing method this time so I played with it a little and eventually came out with a Joining video tutorial.

The third video I shared

In the third video I shared the way I joined my squares using the sewing method. So you can find it there whenever you want to join your Granny squares like I did in my blanket.Granny Square video tutorialsAll in all I uploaded three Granny Square (related) video tutorials over the last two weeks. YAY- ! youtube tutorialsCan’t tell you how happy I am to have them all shared and available for you on my channel. Now I just hope you’ll enjoy learning with me.

crochet I explained in my videos a few times but I just want to mention it one more time here. I’m a left handed crocheter and a right handed knitter. I teach both right and left handed for years. I personally learned a lot from right handed YouTube tutorials. Granny Square video tutorialsI’m just trying to tell you that it is not at all an issue. Or, it doesn’t have to be so give it a try, if you want… Hope to see you there and please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.granny square blanketAnd this is how my Basic Granny Square blanket WIP looks like now. When I write this blog post. As you can see I have a pile of granny squares ready to be joined. I just made myself a cup of tea with Sage from our balcony garden and I’m ready and happy to spend some time in my happy place. joining granny squaresI wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend. Thanks million for visiting me here, xxMo