Hello everyone, today I’ll share with you our latest crochet workshops. These workshops are full of colour and no question this post will be a colour therapy kind of session – hope it’ll cheer you up wherever you are. Hope it’ll help you open your heart for some positive cheerful thinking. So, go get yourself a cup of coffee/tea/wine, lay back and dive in with me into a sea of colour and some crochet happiness. 7423 7512 Table set up – I always start by organizing the room and table at the evening before the workshop. The set up is more or less the same for each workshop, you can read more about it here. My place is full of light and we have a nice view to our balcony garden. Fresh strawberries and cookies are the best companions for crochet meetings. Coffee and tea will come later on, after my girls get busy with their projects. I love to see how they are all happily busy around my kitchen table.
7514 The Cotton – 84 different cotton colours on the table, laid in colour groups, inviting to touch and try. I think the colour groups set up allows the girls to see clearly and brightly the colour options and the colour potential. I always hope to open new colour directions for my workshop girls, make them visit new colours areas that they have never tried before.  7425 A little shop – my little Granny Kit cotton shop in it’s best, all my cotton boxes create a colour wall. The colour therapy starts right at the beginning. Colour therapy accompanied us all the way through each and every project. After we all sat around the table, each girl next to her chosen pattern, we dive into many different colourful projects and our crochet workshop, colour therapy session is on the fast track from now on. At the below pictures I’ll show you the different projects took place in these workshops and their progress. 7432 7446 7447 Hello to a new, 3 layers pot holder – a new lady here at my workshops, this is her second time here and she’ll be back for more. She is very easy with colours as you can see. She mixed some very strong and vibrant colours – Red for the Flower, HotOrange for the front, Jade for the back & LimeGreen for the connecting rnd. This is her first pot holder but she tends to make few more. 7519 7458 7459 7461 7471 7473 This lady started these 2 granny squares projects, few workshops ago. Here, at this workshop, I teach her 2 different ways of joining squares. Her colour choice is so fresh. This work is stunning, don’t you think? She’ll be back to learn how to crochet the edging, so you’ll see more of her work in the future. Colours here are: Alice, Pistachio, Umber, Matisse, Root & Citron for the joining. 7442 7532 7535 Few Angie Bunny projects started here, crocheting a bunny is a very delicate work with a lot of counting but on the other hand, the pleasure of a bunny making is unbelievably huge. You’ll see more of these bunny makers, in the future, as they plan to make some clothing in the next workshops.
7525 7522 7537 A solid square project – going to be a colourful cushion, inspired by Attic24. I really love these solid squares. I love it’s simplicity and the way they come together. This lady loves to learn different ways of joining squarers.  7443 This sweet lady just wanted me to teach her the block stitch. She has started a baby blanket with colours Cadet & Red. You can find many block stitch patterns/diagrams on Pinterest. 7551 7527 One more blanket start. This Alice blanket is going to travel to the States, for a newborn gift. Made with colour Alice. I recommended, she first make a little sample, so she understands the repeat and we can see her crochet tension, which helps me to choose the right hook size, for her. She plans to frame her Alice blanket with a sc rnd, made with colour Citron and then add a pompom edge with colour Spicy.  7534 I wish you could smell the fresh herbs tea in the glasses. I’ve added some Royal Garden tea, from LADUREE, into the blend of my fresh herbs and it came out deliciously. Just perfect for our colour therapy crochet workshop. 7531 A tapestry basket in work, not much to see but a lot of work and a lot of counting… you can see how she holds the 2 different colours she works with. Festive & Red. 7436 A 4 season chevron blanket in work. 7460 7463 A star fish blanket in progress. This sweet lady was joining her star fish squares, it’s a ‘dc’s join as you go’, as you can see it is a very clean and flat look kind of joining. I can’t wait teaching her the framing for this super pretty blanket. 7518 7526 7528 7540 A granny squares first timer is always exciting, this lady is very fast, I taught her the ‘join as you go’ . It was her first workshop here but I think we will soon meet again 7469 7467 7475 This flower square project is going to be a flower cushion soon. She will learn how to join them on our next meeting, in few weeks.  7520 7536 7539 7542 A Daisy square project in progress. Made with colours Spicy, Cadet, Alice & ShaleGrey. 7523 I love our girls talks around the table, It’s always fun, we feel very loose and homey. Hands are busy, Eyes are filled with joy. The smell of the fresh Sage and Lavender contributes to the atmosphere of this colour therapy crochet workshop.  7545 7546 That’s how the table looks like, at the end of the workshop. Our colour therapy crochet workshop has came to it’s end and it’s time to say goodbye. We don’t like it when we need to go but we will soon meet again for our next crochet meeting.
I really enjoy teaching and I love that these crochet workshops are taking place around our kitchen table. I love to decorate my place for these workshops. I love to create the right atmosphere for this colour therapy sessions. I love to give colour advise and I love to see my workshop girls projects in progress. Have you been to any crochet workshop? Have you made any crochet workshop/meetings yourself? Few of you have asked me for some tips of how to create a crochet workshop – I hope this blog post helped you in some way.
My next workshops will take place at the end of March and I plan to share them here with you.
Hope you enjoyed having this colour therapy session with me. Stay tuned, I have a lot more pretty things to share with you, in the next few days. I have few new bunny clothing patterns in work. stay tuned…. xoxMo